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Mini Homes Built for Your Needs

When it comes to home ownership, sometimes less is more. In today’s day and age, less clutter and upkeep are big luxuries. Mobile tiny homes are perfect for people who prefer the great outdoors and the freedom of travel. Owning a small portable home doesn’t limit your comfort; it lets you enjoy the things you love even more. Get in touch with Precision Tiny Homes to discover all your options.

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Aluminum Light Special

The Aluminum Light Special includes a two-axle aluminum frame, light steel studs, spray foam insulation, and a metal roof (water tanks not included). It’s simple, sturdy, and dependable.


Hunter Light Special

This structure includes an aluminum frame (axles sold separately) which is perfect for a stationary or long-term setup. It can be elevated using a jack system (not included). Light steel studs, spray foam insulation, and a metal roof round out this package (water tank sold separately).


Tiny Home Special

This package includes a two-axle aluminum frame, traditional 2×6 stud framing, and hybrid insulation. We provide the finishing touches that make new builds feel more like home. 


Aluminum Enclosed Car Hauler

Precision Tiny Homes constructs more than homes; we provide solid trailers to meet your requirements. Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen in good time. 

Precision Tiny Homes Builds Confidence

Investing in a new home should be exciting. Precision Tiny Homes makes the process easy. If you’ve never thought about living in a small portable home or recreational property, there are plenty of benefits. Contact Precision Tiny Homes for a friendly discussion of all your options. 


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    • 248 sq. ft.


    • 2022


    • 2 BED/1 BATH

    • 85,000

Our tiny homes are cozy, attractive, and designed for transport! This seasonal trailer weighs in at only 10,200 lbs (dry weight). It comes with an electric 12,000 BTU Heat/AC unit for optimizing the temperature within your insulated space. For added convenience, you get a water heater and water tanks (fresh, grey, black) installed in the floor. The loft is handy for extra storage/sleeper purposes.

Available now



    • 2022

    • 160 sqft
    • 1 BED/1 BATH

    • 65,000

Are you ready for your own hunting lodge? This well-insulated model has an electric cooktop for making those hearty meals and a 12,000 BTU heating and air conditioning system for staying comfy. Enjoy the luxuries of home with the included water heater and built-in water tanks (fresh, grey, black).


Precision Tiny Homes can build something you’ll love, whether you’re looking for a new primary residence, vacation home or a hunting shack. If you have further questions about our services, send a message using the contact form below.

Why are tiny homes so popular? What are the benefits of owning one?

Not everyone needs a mansion to be happy, and not everyone wants to spend their money paying off a large mortgage. Tiny homes are more affordable and easier to maintain than traditional houses, townhomes, condos, and cottages. When built on a trailer, you have the freedom to move where you please. Tiny homes are perfect for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle off the grid.

How long does it take to build a tiny home?

The amount of time it takes depends on several factors. Generally speaking, tiny homes take approximately 3 months to complete. New residential properties are usually closer to the 6- month mark.

Is your work covered by warranty?

As a certified builder in Alberta, Precision Tiny Homes provides you with a Progressive Home Warranty. You get years of coverage to safeguard your new home against any structural defects or problems related to the materials, labour, building envelope, and mechanical systems.

Where are you located? How far do you travel to provide service?

Precision Tiny Homes is based in southern Alberta; however, we will travel province-wide to set you up with a new home. All inquiries are welcome. 

What are your prices?

Every project we take on is different. Precision Tiny Homes is happy to talk you through the costs involved. If you’re considering the purchase of a brand-new tiny home, you should budget for at least $50,000.

What other products do you offer?

We can build you everything from car haulers to aluminum trailers suited for any purpose.